“The Glory” Lee Do Hyun talks his concern over love line with Song Hye Kyo “I’m in my 20s but acted in my 30s”

Lee Do Hyun paid the most attention to his love line with Song Hye Kyo while filming “The Glory”. 

Lee Do Hyun, who shines as the lead in Netflix’s original series “The Glory”, recently shared behind-the-scenes stories in a recent interview with Esquire magazine. He revealed that he was particularly concerned about his love line with Song Hye Kyo in the drama.

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When asked if there was anything he prepared to play his character Joo Yeo Jeong, Lee Do Hyun said, “I was particularly concerned about Song Hye Kyo noona and the romantic scenes.”

He explained, “I am still in my 20s, but I had to act like someone in their 30s, so I thought about how I could avoid seeming too young and how I could approach Hye Kyo noona with a pure heart.”

Lee Do Hyun admitted that he frequently asked the director, “Am I being too over the top?” and “Am I being too childish?” after finishing each scene. 

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When asked if he wants to try the romantic comedy genre, he said, “Of course, I want to try it. I’m very ambitious. I’m playful, so I want to act while playing around. Until now, I’ve always played roles where I look at the girl from afar and say, ‘I’ll just look at you.’ I want to try a bright romantic comedy.”

Lee Do Hyun also stated that he watches a lot of variety shows because he thinks comedians are excellent actors. “I want to learn the impromptu instincts and wit of comedians.”

Although he played a medical student in various dramas, Lee Do Hyun admitted that he has never performed a medical procedure on a patient. “If I have the chance, I will open a clinic,” he joked.

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Regarding his satisfaction with his performance in “The Glory”, Lee Do Hyun said, “I don’t have any regrets about my acting. While filming, I was always brainstorming ideas for other scenes. I received a lot of comments from my friends that helped me a lot.”

He also shared how difficult it was to deliver some of the script’s dialogues, especially when they are written by writer Kim Eun Sook. “Hye Kyo noona also said that writer Kim Eun Sook’s dialogues are not easy. Lines like ‘I’ll do it, you fool’ and ‘I’ll dance with a knife’ were challenging.”

Lee Do Hyun, who enjoys cooking and camping, said, “I like Korean cuisine. These days, I can’t find any food that’s better than ramen. I was moved while eating ramen in the lounge while filming. I couldn’t go camping because I was busy these days, but I recently experienced a long camping trip with Ra Mi Ran. It felt so good,”

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On his preferred nickname from fans, Lee Do Hyun said, “The term ‘actor Do Hyun’ implies responsibility. Sometimes, when things get tough, I forget that I’m an actor. But when someone says, ‘You’re an actor,’ I can regain my initial motivation. So, I prefer to be called an actor.”

Lee Do Hyun said, “I also drink four to five cups of iced Americano a day, so I don’t think I can live without iced Americano. I’ve always been an iced Americano fan, but I drink warm tea while filming. I drink citron tea or ginger tea together with iced Americano.” 

Lee Do Hyun will return to the small screen in JTBC’s drama “The Good Bad Mother,” which will air on April 26. Lee Do Hyun asked for expectations, saying, “I play a character that makes me tear up just thinking about him.”

Source: Nate

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