Troye Sivan and Jennie’s hilarious conversation prior to “The Idol” draws attention

Singer-songwriter Troye Sivan and BLACKPINK Jennie got to know each other before filming “The Idol”, leading to a hilarious situation. 

On June 6th (Korean time), the official YouTube channel of Billboard published a video titled “Troye Sivan On Working With Lily Rose-Depp & Jennie Kim On ‘The Idol’ & More | Billboard News”.

In the video, Troye Sivan revealed his thoughts about his co-stars on HBO’s “The Idol”, as well as an initial conversation between him and BLACKPINK Jennie prior to the series’ filming.


In particular, according to Troye Sivan, as he and Jennie got to know each other, Jennie started to introduce herself by humbly saying, “Well I’m in a band”. 

At this, Troye Sivan could only say, “Girl, I know, literally the entire planet knows that you are in a band”, recognizing the immense popularity of BLACKPINK on a global scale. 

On the other hand, the 1st episode of “The Idol”, which features Lily-Rose Depp and The Weeknd alongside Troye Sivan, BLACKPINK Jennie, and others, aired on June 4th (local time) on HBO. 

The series has since drawn a lot of criticisms for its explicitness and content that feels like a “sordid male fantasy”, and Jennie’s appearance in such a project also received controversial opinions. 

Source: Billboard

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