Top 5 most influential figures in Paris Fashion Week 2023: BLACKPINK takes the top three with soaring media value and jaw-dropping interaction rate

“Paris Fashion Week 2023” has ended on a good note with many famous faces attending the event. At the same time, the top 5 most influential figures this year have also been announced. All 3 BLACKPINK members are on this list with high rankings.


As YSL’s Global Ambassador, Rosé never disappoints when she appears at the brand’s events. During the times she attended Paris Fashion Week, she brought great media impact value to the brand. 

Rose Saint Laurent

From the rankings alone, Rosé is the most influential figure in the fashion week. Boasting an alluring charisma, Rosé has earned Saint Laurent more than 9 ,9 million USD of media value along with 7.4% interaction rate.

Jisoo is the next BLACKPINK member to take a place on the chart. The singer caused a media explosion when appearing in an elegant purple dress to honor women’s history month. As a result, she brought Dior $ 7.7 million in media value along with 11.3% of the interaction rate. Jisoo also has the highest interaction rate on the chart.

Jisoo Dior

“Human Chanel” Jennie is neck and neck with the other two members. She brought Chanel up to 6.2 million dollars in media value along with 8.3% interaction rate. Not only that, the smoky make-up layout and the under-eye bandage generated a global trend in recent days. 


Zendaya is the character ranked 4th and secured a front row seat in the Louis Vuitton show. She wore a petite bra combined with a stylish blazer. An attractive look helped Zendaya bring the brand 6.2 million USD in media value and achieved more than 3.6% interaction rate.

Kylie Jenner was representing Corpeni at the fashion week, earning 5.8 million USD in media value for the brand along with a 1.5% interaction rate.

Source: Twitter

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