Tony Leung spotted with mysterious woman at department store “Hurriedly cover his face with a mask”

Hong Kong movie star Tony Leung looked very bewildered when he encountered fans while shopping at a department store.

According to a report by foreign media outlet 8world on August 30th (local time), Tony Leung was spotted at a department store with a mysterious woman a few days ago.

The woman wore casual clothes, carried a backpack and stuck close to him.

tony leung

According to fans at the scene, Tony Leung did not wear a mask, but immediately put on a mask and became alert when he saw someone taking pictures. Afterwards, photos of him and the mysterious woman spread on the Internet.

While netizens began to guess the woman’s identity, 8world speculated that she is Tony Leung’s assistant or friend based on the photos and the conversation between the two.

Tony Leung was previously embroiled in dating rumors with WJSN Cheng Xiao. There were even rumors that Cheng Xiao gave birth to Tony Leung’s illegitimate child.

tony leung cheng xiao

Both of them denied dating rumors. Recently, Tony Leung’s wife Carina Lau also dismissed affair rumors by participating in promotional activities for new film with her husband.

Stars are suffering damage due to continuous fake news from China. Some say that speculation and rumors should be avoided in consideration of the influence of stars.

Meanwhile, Tony Leung is an actor who is very popular not only in the Greater China region but around the world. He played Song Hye Kyo’s husband in the 2013 film “The Grandmaster”.

He is continuing his deep connection with Korea by making a special appearance in NewJeans’ music video “Cool With You” released last July. It was revealed that Tony Leung received no payment for his appearance in the MV. Min Hee Jin sent the script to Tony Leung through a mutual acquaintance, and the actor, after confirming the MV’s story, accepted the role without any question about the appearance duration or remuneration. In fact, Tony Leung simply considered it a “gift to Korean fans”.

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