Tom Holland and Zendaya spotted holding hands while enjoying a “street date”

As much as they are top stars, this couple enjoys going on public dates even while all attention is on them, leading rumors of engagement. 

Tom Holland and Zendaya met while filming for the movie “Spider-Man: Homecoming”, which was released in 2017. Since then, the two have been constantly engulfed in dating rumors, and officially admitted to being in a relationship in 2021. 

Tom Holland Zendaya

Despite being top celebrities, the couple enjoy going on public dates even while all attention is on them, and rumors of an alleged “engagement” also came out. 

In the midst of this, they are caught holding hands and going on a date again, arousing envy and admiration from both the public and fans. 

Tom Holland Zendaya

In particular, sightings of Tom Holland and Zendaya being lovey-dovey on the streets have been coming up one after another, with various photos being posted on SNS platforms. 

The two are also said to have visited Auckland, Zendaya’s hometown, for the end of the year. In particular, they visited Zendaya’s alma mater, Oakland School For the Arts, and met and spent time with junior students there.

Tom Holland Zendaya

Rumor has it that the couple held hands tightly while in public and did not spare any expression of affection.

Over the weekend, Tom and Zendaya were also spotted at a local ice cream parlor together, where they showed top-notch fan service by taking selfies with fans without hesitation.

Tom Holland Zendaya

Even then, their hands were clasped tightly together, proving a deep affection between the two. 

Source: Insight

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