NewJeans Wins Top Spot in TENASIA ARTIST TOP TEN K-Pop Girl Brand Category

TENASIA ARTIST TOP TEN Awards of March has been announced

The month of March has been an exciting one for K-Pop fans, as the TENASIA ARTIST TOP TEN were announced. The awards were divided into three categories, K-Pop Boy Brand, K-Pop Girl Brand, and Hot Genre Brand, and fans from all over the world were given the opportunity to vote for their favorite artists.


In the K-Pop Girl Brand category, the winner was none other than the rising girl group, NewJeans. They were followed by other talented girl groups and solo artists such as IVE, Secret Number, Rosé of BLACKPINK, IU, PURPLE KISS, BIBI, (G)I-DLE, and Kim Sejeong.

The rankings were based on a combination of media index (30%), Google Trend index (10%), and fan votes from the TENASIA voting service (60%), using the Melon chart as a reference. For K-Pop Boy and K-Pop Girl Brand, the nominees were the top 30 idols and groups on the Melon chart, while for Hot Genre Brand, the nominees were the top 30 artists who had entered the Melon chart or the Idol Champ monthly chart.

Winning the TENASIA ARTIST TOP TEN award is a significant achievement for any K-Pop artist, as it comes with numerous benefits. The winner receives a special feature article on TENASIA, and they are also promoted on the main page of the website.

NewJeans, the K-Pop Girl Brand winner, is a relatively new girl group that debuted in 2021. Despite being a rookie group, they have already captured the hearts of fans with their unique concept and music style. Winning the award is a testament to their rising popularity and talent.

Overall, the TENASIA ARTIST TOP TEN awards are a great way to recognize the hard work and dedication of K-Pop artists. Fans can look forward to more exciting announcements in the future and continue to support their favorite artists.

Source: 10asia

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