Chuu, Lee Na Eun, and More Stars Accused of Being “The Second Yeon Jin”: The Unjust Stigma of Being Labeled as Bullies  

Celebrities who were accused of being school violence perpetrators, were once again put on the cutting board in the aftermath of Netflix’s “The Glory.”

Recently, Netflix’s hit series “The Glory” has brought back into the spotlight celebrities who were once accused of school violence. 

These stars, who are now referred to as “the second Yeon Jin,” have been facing harsh consequences, such as receiving malicious comments on their social media platforms and online channels.

lim ji yeon

Despite their success in dramas like “The World of the Married,” Shim Eun Woo, one of the accused celebrities, has been forced to hide due to the ongoing controversy surrounding school violence. In a candid confession, Shim Eun Woo revealed the struggles that come with being labeled as “the second Yeon Jin,” which is an unfair and undeserved stigma that they are now forced to bear.

“I also believe that school violence must be eradicated. However, all the hard work and effort that I’ve put in over the years are now being negated by a single anonymous comment, and I am being attacked by countless people whom I do not even know. I am also being forced into a period of self-reflection, and it’s not clear who is judging me or when it will end. I have parents and family, and I will report the false accusations and demand justice,” said Shim Eun Woo. 


As it is not easy to confirm whether school violence is committed, it is difficult to escape the stigma of the perpetrator even in the case of false revelations. 

There are also other stars who have been unfairly identified as perpetrators due to false revelations.

Singers Chuu, Lee Na Eun and comedian Hong Hyun Hee suffered damage due to false school violence revelations.

In 2021, a netizen revealed on an online community that they were bullied by Chuu. Revelation poster A claimed that Chuu not only bullied and ostracized her friends but also threatened them with swear words. However, contrary to A’s claim, testimonies from Chuu’s former classmates poured out, and A eventually deleted their post. Chuu’s former agency also stated, “The content circulating online is malicious and obviously not true”.

Lee Na-eun

Lee Na Eun, a former member of the girl group April, recently resumed her SNS activities after taking a hiatus due to false school violence allegations. In 2020, a netizen’s claim of being a victim of Lee Na Eun’s school violence spread online. Lee Na Eun’s agency denied the allegation, saying it was groundless. Eventually, after netizen admitted their fault and apologized for spreading false information in March 2021, Lee Na Eun’s side withdrew the lawsuit.

The well-loved comedian Hong Hyun Hee was also rumored to be a school violence perpetrator. In 2021, a disclosure was posted online, stating “Hong Hyun Hee was in the same group with bullies and she emotionally bullied me. She criticized my friend’s appearance, cursed while throwing eraser dust at me, insulted me, threw food, and laughed at me during lunchtime.”

Through her agency, Hong Hyun Hee said, “How I looked when I was a student is no different from my current appearance. How could I bully someone by insulting and criticizing their appearance? It doesn’t make sense” and added, “Please show up and face me. I’m willing to talk to you”. Later, her agency stated that the discloser apologized for having a memory error and already deleted the disclosure post. Therefore, Hong Hyun Hee’s side also withdrew the lawsuit. 

Source: Daum

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