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Thunder was eliminated from the first round of “Show Me The Money 11”… Jay Park commented, “You overacted your gestures”

Jay Park (Park Jae-beom) drew attention with his cold-hearted judging criteria on “Show Me The Money 11”.

The new broadcast of Mnet’s entertainment program “Show Me The Money 11”, which aired on the evening of October 21st, showed the first preliminary round in which the contestants did rapping without music.

Show Me The Money 11

Thunder, a former member of MBLAQ and 2NE1 Sandara Park’s younger brother, drew attention with his appearance at the recording scene. Explaining the reason, he said, “I’ve been into hip-hop these days. I wanted to let people know that I’m doing hip-hop music a little earlier, so I came on this show”. Thunder then presented his performance. 

Show Me The Money 11

After Thunder finished his rap without any mistakes, the attention of all contestants was focused on the evaluation that Jay Park would make.

However, Jay Park announced that Thunder was eliminated. He said, “Your gestures are so good. But since you’ve been an idol for a long time, they made me feel like you had prepared it way too much. Your tone is also not natural. I think you’ll improve more quickly if you make friends with many rappers”, giving advice to Thunder.

Show Me The Money 11

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