Honey J’s mother’s sincerity towards her pregnant daughter through this action touches everyone’s hearts 

Honey J got emotional on “I Live Alone” because of her mother. 

In the new episode of MBC’s “I Live Alone”, which airs at 11:10 pm KST on October 21st, the morning scene of the pregnant bride-to-be Honey J and her mother was shown. 

'I Live Alone' Honey J

In a pre-released video, Honey J’s mother revealed her daughter’s baby clothes. Honey J said, “It was my first time seeing it in 35 years.” Seeing the clothes stored as new, Park Narae was moved and said, “It was stored with love and sincerity.” 

Honey J said, “I was this small?” She patted the clothes and looked at them carefully. She then asked her mother, “How did you raise such a small baby?” She gently expressed her gratitude towards her mother, and tears welled up in her eyes.

'I Live Alone' Honey J

Honey J’s mother’s eyes also turned red. She said sincerely, “Thank you for growing up well. I kept it well to show you when you become a mother that I raised you like this.”

Honey J wiped away her tears like a child. She felt the heart of her mother who kept every moment of her life. Her mother looked at her crying daughter warmly and comforted her, saying, “People don’t grow on their own. They grow up with mothers’ sincerity.” With one line that seems like every mother’s heart, tears were contagious in the studio. Park Narae and Key also tried to hold back their tears.

'I Live Alone' Honey J

Honey J said, “At that moment, I thought that my mother was everything. It was like an alter ego that came out of my own body. Sometimes when I was growing up, I separated my life from my mother, but suddenly I felt sorry towards her for all of that.” She confessed that she understood her mother’s heart as she became one. 

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