This “The Good Bad Mother” Character Leaves Viewers Laughing Just By Breathing

Son Yong Rak’s wife is one of the funniest characters in the drama “The Good Bad Mother”.

K-drama “The Good Bad Mother” is attracting a lot of attention. One of the factors that make it appealing is the humor. 

When it comes to the funniest characters in “The Good Bad Mother,” the wife of Son Yong Rak, head of Jouri village, must be mentioned. She not only captivates the audience with her quirky appearance but also brings laughter with her incredibly charming comedic timing. 

Park Bo Kyung

Recently, a compilation video of this character’s memorable lines was shared online. Immediately, it gained a lot of attention.

The actress playing this character is Park Bo Kyung. She often takes on supporting roles. Park Bo Kyung ventured into the small screen in 2019. After that, she starred in dramas such as “Dr. Romantic,” “Juvenile Justice,” and “Now, We’re Breaking Up.”

Source: K14. 

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