K-netizens criticized Song Ji Hyo’s attitude on the recent broadcast of “Running Man”

Some viewers raised controversy over Song Ji Hyo’s recent attitude while doing missions on “Running Man”.

The latest broadcast of “Running Man” continued last week’s Detox special episode planned by Song Ji Hyo. 

Running man

A viewer pointed out that Song Ji Hyo just lay down and rested while other members were getting ingredients to eat during the photo mission. 

Running man

Accordingly, while the members were doing this and that, she just lay down and read books. She blamed and frowned at Ji Seok Jin and Yang Se Chan.

Running man

She slept and did not do her own hidden missions. Even during her meeting with the production team, Song Ji Hyo’s expression also looked bored.

In this regard, other netizens commented:

– I guess you didn’t watch the entire broadcastㅋㅋㅋ Song Ji Hyo participated in the plan she made. She couldn’t do anything when during the benefit game of ‘finding nature’. She only slept after helping other members.

– I would be very surprised if no one raises controversy over her insincere and careless attitude and expressions.

– I wondered why Song Ji Hyo was criticized so much so I watched the previous episode. I only wanted to see what she was doing that week, and it turned out that she really didn’t do anything… I thought that could have happened that week only, but after then, Song Ji Hyo did not improve

– Who keeps posting these malicious posts? Don’t you have anything to do in your life?

Source: Nate

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