This supporting actress on “The Good Bad Mother” is gaining recognition for gorgeous visual, strong academic background, and one-of-a-kind name

Hong Bi Ra is gaining a growing amount of attention as the villain Oh Ha Young on “The Good Bad Mother”.

After the first two weeks of airing, “The Good Bad Mother” is creating noise for itself across social media platforms, drawing attention to the cast of the drama. More and more netizens are expressing their interest in Hong Na Bi, the actress who portrays Oh Ha Young, the daughter of Oh Tae Soo, one of the culprits behind the murder of Kang Ho’s father. With a new truth laid bare, viewers speculate Kang Ho might have approached Oh Ha Young in the past to avenge his father. Yet, unfortunately, he was harmed in the process by his very fiancée.

 Hong Bi Ra

Oh Ha Young is a box of mystery to the audience. They were shocked to learn about her role in the accident that occurred to Kang Ho. Now that Kang Ho lost his memories and has the mind of a 7-year-old, the audience wonders how Oh Ha Young will react when she learns of the news.

 Hong Bi Ra
Oh Ha Young meeting Kang Ho’s mother scene

In real life, Hong Bi Ra is a memorable actress. She boasts top-notch beauty and firm acting skills that allow her to stand out among a stellar and experienced cast. 

Actress Hong Bi Ra and actress Ra Mi Ran

Hong Bi Ra was born in 1996. She graduated from the Theater and Film Department at Dankook University, a long-established university in Korea. She was also a top student at the Daejin Design High School, Department of Visual Arts.

 Hong Bi Ra

With a gift of acting, Bi Ra was offered a role in “Beautiful Vampire” in 2017. She later debuted as an actress in 2018. The actress only had two TV drama series in her 5 years of work, including “The Good Bad Mother”. To the audience, Hong Bi Ra is a relatively new face.

Hong Bi Ra also shares a close connection to her name. As it was the name given by her father, the actress shared, she decided to keep it as the name she presented herself to the audience. With more visibility from the drama, the audience hopes Bi Ra can make herself known to the wider public and advance with future works. 

Source: K14 

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