“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” actor Moon Sang Hoon announces marriage news on his birthday, “I’ll hold a small wedding with family”

Youtuber-actor Moon Sang Hoon delivered the news of his May wedding on his birthday.

On May 9th, Moon Sang Hoon said, “Today is my 33rd birthday. I’m happier because I have some good news to share with you on this special day”, adding “I’m getting married. I’m going to hold a small wedding with my family at the end of May”.


He confessed, “It’s not that I’m sure about it, but I made the decision because I feel like it’s okay even if it’s not the right answer.”

Introducing his fiancée, Moon Sang Hoon said, “The person I’m getting married to is an ordinary person like me, and someone who lives their life diligently every day, like all of you who are reading this. I think she’s the perfect person who can go on a journey towards a better life together with me.”


He continued, “Nothing will change for Moon Sang Hoon. I will continue to work hard and try my best, even if I fail every time”, adding “But this time, I’ll do it in a more sophisticated way”.

Meanwhile, Moon Sang Hoon is currently a creator with 1.16 million subscribers on Youtube. He made a special appearance in ENA’s drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” last year as Kim Jung Hoon, an autism spectrum disorder patient and a Pengsu lover. He also appeared briefly on the April 29th broadcast of SBS’s Fri-Sat drama “Dr. Romantic 3”.

Source: Nate

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