This strong and muscular actor will become Yoona’s new on-screen boyfriend

Actor Ahn Bo Hyun will expands his activities with the upcoming movie “2 O’Clock Date”

Ahn Bo Hyun, who debuted as a male model, has been achieving great successes in the acting industry. In the past, the actor used to support himself with various part-time jobs, before finally gaining attention with a supporting role in the mega hit “Descendants Of The Sun”.

The actor is actually an excellent martial artist, who participated and won in various competitions. In fact, Ahn Bo Hyun is even called “the best fighter in the entertainment industry” and said to have “the best body” among male actors.

In 2020, Ahn Bo Hyun starred as a villain in “Itaewon Class”, which became a hit, establishing the actor as a rising star. Then, he played the boyfriend of female lead Yumi in season 1 of the TVING drama “Yumi’s Cells”, as well as make several guest appearances in season 2. 

“Yumi’s Cells”, which attracted a lot of subscribers for the OTT platform TVING, also helped improve Ahn Bo Hyun’s popularity, who then cemented it with his role as the male lead Jeon Pil Do of the Netflix series “My Name” .

Finally, he played the male lead Do Bae Man in the tvN drama “Military Prosecutor Doberman”, which did extremely well with remarkable viewership ratings. 

It can be seen that Ahn Bo Hyun has achieved phenomenal successes on TV Dramas and OTT series, but hasn’t had much luck on the big screen. 

So far, the actor has appeared in the 2016 movie “Hiya” and the 2019 film “Memories of a Dead End”, which starred SNSD Sooyoung. However, both projects are not considered box office successes. 

However, Ahn Bo Hyun aims to expand his big screen presence this year, as he confidently takes on the leading role in upcoming movie “2 O’Clock Date”. The romantic comedy film depicts the story of a woman who has an imaginable secret, and her neighbor upstairs, who she keeps meeting at 2 a.m, when everyone is fast asleep. 

The movie is directed by Lee Sang Geun – the man behind box office hit “Exit”, which attracted 9.42 million viewers. Meanwhile, superstar Yoona assumes the role of the female lead Jeong Seon Ji, who Ahn Bo Hyun will meet every day. Playing the representative of the neighborhood and Seon Ji’s upstairs neighbor, Ahn Bo Hyun will become Yoona’s next on-screen lover. 

Seasoned actor Sung Dong Il has also been confirmed to play Yoona’s father, while Joo Hyun Young, who has been gaining attention via “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, will also appear, raising expectations about an interesting movie. Film for “2 O’Clock Date” started back in April 2022.

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