This Korean actress lost both her career and child after extramarital affair, almost went to jail

Once boasted an admirable career, this Korean actress cheated on her husband and lost everything.

Born in 1968, Ok So Ri was a popular Korean actress during the 90s. At the time, she received a lot of praise for her visuals which fit all Korean beauty standards, and was the star of “Kuro Arirang”, “Watercolor Painting in a Raining Day”, “Hero’s Diary”, and so on. 

Ok So Ri
Ok So Ri’s visual when she was young
Ok So Ri
The actress was known for having a seductive image

Despite achieving huge popularity in her youth, Ok So Ri did not take on many projects. Instead, she got married and limited her public appearance. In 2008, however, her husband at the time, Park Chul, accused his wife of adultery with an opera singer and an Italian chef. At the time, Park Chul, who was a radio host, sought to get his wife the maximum sentence of 2 years’ imprisonment, while So Ri blamed her infidelity on a loveless marriage. In the end, after various trials, Ok So Ri avoided jail after a lower court declared both her and Park Chul to be responsible for their divorce. Nevertheless, the actress had to pay a 870 million won compensation for her ex-husband and lost custody of her daughter, at the same time having to pay a monthly fee of 1 million won for the daughter up until 2019.

Ok So Ri
Ok So Ri at a trial for her extramarital affair 

As a result of such a huge controversy, Ok So Ri lost everything she had, from her career, money, to family, and went into a long hiatus. In 2011, it was reported that she married an Italian and gave birth to a daughter and a son. The couple ended up separating in 2014, and Ok So Ri’s 2nd husband received custody of their children. 

After her 2nd marriage, Ok So Ri did try to enter the entertainment industry again, but never appeared in any new acting projects. Instead, her only notable public appearance was in a talk show in 2014, and she has remained quiet ever since. 

Seeing this, many audiences express regrets for So Ri, who lost everything despite being such a great beauty. 

Ok So Ri 26102022 4
Ok So Ri talked about her life in a talk show

Source: K14

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