Suzy and Rosé (BLACKPINK) suddenly revealed a series of “dating hints”?

Suzy and Rosé are drawing attention by posting photos taken at the same places or photos of the same atmosphere or concept.

Recently, various online communities posted articles titled “These two would have been in a romantic relationship rumor if they were a male and female idol couple.” The main characters of this article are Suzy and Rosé from BLACKPINK. They keep on posting photos taken at the same place on their social media accounts, even though they had no personal relationship.

Photos taken at the same place, posted at the same time on Instagram of two popular female idols have appeared from 2019 – 2020, even from 2015. Up to now, Knetizens have dug up a series of hints. dating between them. With so many coincidences, if Suzy and Rosé were a male and female idol couple, they wouldn’t be able to avoid getting involved in dating rumors.

suzy rosé
In August 2019, both Suzy and Rosé posted photos with the same caption “Let’s be happy”.
suzy rosé
Suzy once uploaded a picture of herself drinking a bottle of champagne with the words “Rosé”,…
suzy rosé
… and mentioned “Rosé” in a vlog in 2015

The writer of the mentioned community post said, “If they were a male and female idol, I think there would have been in a romance rumor and stirred up the internet. What’s really surprising is that these are all just a coincidence. These two don’t know each other,” they said. “At that time, there was such a fuss on various online communities about whether they were close.”

Netizens who saw this responded, “It’s amazing that all of this is a coincidence,” “Isn’t it amazing enough that they should contact each other and be close friends from now on?” “Doesn’t this mean they have the same taste?” “This is possible without having to be each other’s friend,” and “We shouldn’t predict romance rumors recklessly just by looking at idols’ SNS.”

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