This famous boy group ordered only one pizza for six members, “A piece of pizza is too much for me”

Netizens were amazed to see six members of NCT DREAM not finishing a pizza. 

On April 30th, NCT DREAM conducted an Instagram live after completing two days of their concert in Manila, the Philippines. Member Chenle was absent from both the concert and the live broadcast because of health reasons.

Except for Chenle, the six remaining members of NCT DREAM sat together on a sofa and began communicating with fans while eating a pizza.

During the live broadcast, one fan commented, “There are 6 people, but only one pizza? Please eat a lot, my babies”. 

NCT Dream

Jaemin replied, “We can’t finish this pizza either”. Haechan also confessed, “If I eat a piece of this pizza, it means I’m eating too much or binge-eating”.

In response, Mark explained, “First, Haechan doesn’t eat pizza”. Renjun added, “He actually likes food, but doesn’t eat much”.

In the end, NCT DREAM members closed the pizza box after finishing only half of the pizza.

Many people were surprised that six adult men couldn’t finish one pizza. Fans also reacted, “I can eat that pizza alone”, “I can’t believe he said one piece of pizza means binge-eating”, etc.

Meanwhile, NCT DREAM will hold “THE DREAM SHOW 2: IN YOUR DREAM” at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul for two days on the 2nd and 3rd of June.

Source: Insight

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