“This cute boy will grow up to become one of the top comedians in Korea” – A childhood photo of Jo Se-ho is drawing keen attention from netizens

Comedian Jo Se-ho is arousing attention by releasing his childhood photos.

Jo Se-ho posted a photo on his Instagram on February 19th and wrote, “Good morning, uncles and aunties. 5 years old”.

Jo Se-ho

The released photo showed Jo Se-ho when he was a kid wearing a red bag and staring at the camera.

Jo Se-ho’s childhood face with his smart eyes and distinctive features looked exactly similar to his appearance now. He showed off his unique cuteness with a bright and pure smile, drawing admiration.

Jo Se-ho

Moreover, the comedian also boasted his extraordinary talent with a playful expression, catching the eyes of netizens. 

Internet users who saw the photo gave explosive reactions, showing their interest in Jo Se-ho’s cuteness when he was a child.

netizens comment

Under Jo Se-ho’s post on Instagram, netizens commented, “Isn’t this a photo taken yesterday? His appearance didn’t change”, “He’s been so handsome since his childhood”, “Is this really his appearance at the age of 5?”, “He looks the same. So cute”, “He looked even cuter when he was a baby”, etc.

Currently, Jo Se-ho is appearing in various entertainment programs, such as tvN’s “Yoo Quiz on the Block”, NQQ-Discovery Channel Korea’s “Rice comes at the end of hardship”, channel IHQ’s “Quiz from the Stars”, etc. After the news of Jo Se-ho being confirmed ‘positive’ to Covid-19 came out recently, the comedian received a lot of support from netizens.

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