Netizens believe Song Kang’s manager and Netflix following BLACKPINK’s Jisoo on Instagram might be a hint for a new drama starring Song Kang

After the success of her debut drama “Snowdrop“, female idol Jisoo (BLACKPINK) left in the audience’s hearts many unforgettable impressions both in her acting and her special chemistry with her co-star Jung Hae In.


Therefore, not only Blink but also Korean drama fans are looking forward to Jisoo‘s next drama comeback.

Recently, netizens discovered that the two “big names” Netflix and Disney+ have all followed Jisoo on Instagram. This raises many people’s doubt whether BLACKPINK‘s eldest member is about to come back in a project of these two “big names”?


After the success with her debut role in “Snowdrop,” Jisoo is expected to continue to develop her acting career. In the next drama project, fans hope that she will get a happy ending with the male lead to make up for the sad love story she depicted with Jung Hae In.

Earlier, many netizens found out that Song Kang’s manager also followed the account of BLACKPINK’s eldest member. This made fans of Jisoo and Song Kang raise suspicions that the two might work together in a new drama.


At the moment, both Jisoo and Song Kang have made their name known in the Korean drama industry with successful works. If this rumor is real, this interesting collaboration would bring many new emotions and experiences to the viewers and also their fans.

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