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This celebrity who lied about the death of her living father… reveals the truth story in tears

After lying about her father’s death in a past broadcast, broadcaster Nancy Lang cried and confessed the truth.

In an episode of the TV program “Dr. Oh Golden Clinic”, which aired on November 18th, Nancy Lang appeared and asked for advice, saying, “I want to know how to trust people”.

Hearing this, Dr. Oh Eun Young said, “If you don’t know your own wounds properly, you can’t distinguish between the good and bad.” She also added, “If someone does something wrong when they approach you affectionately, they may bite you. There are good and bad manners. You should take a step back and observe. That way, you can understand yourself more.”

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Prior to the consultation, Nancy Lang said, “Why does this only happen to me?” To this, Oh Eun Young answered, “It can be seen as a kind of ‘victim consciousness’ in professional terms. A person without deep wounds may easily overcome things, but a person with deep wounds may feel too painful even for a small incident. You have to take a step back and see if you’ve been affected.”

Nancy Lang, who was deep in thought after hearing Oh Eun Young’s words, eventually shed tears. She confessed, “When I was young, my mother passed away after fighting cancer for 17 years. As my mother got sick and my family was down, my father abandoned my sick mother and me, who didn’t know how to make money. He left home and disappeared. He went out as if to go to work and never came back. We lost contact like that. From then on, I became the head of the household.”

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She emphasized, “My father is unforgivable to me. Even though he’s still alive, I live with the thought that he died.”

Oh Eun Young diagnosed, “Nancy Lang thinks that her father died because she was hurt by him so much. The hurt and pain experienced in the relationship with him seems to have had a lot of influence on Nancy Lang’s life. If you get a big wound, you’ll feel very bitter when you get a small wound after that.”

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