This actress stars in 7 K-dramas and movies in 2022 alone, shows intense versatility

A Korean actress is considered “the most prolific” of 2022 with 7 acting projects. 

Jeon Hye Won, born in 1998, has an extremely memorable 2022, as she starred in a total of 7 K-dramas and movies, covering all sorts of genres. Below are the projects that shows Jeon Hye Won’s intense versatility.

jeon hye won

1. Under The Queen’s Umbrella

Jeon Hye Won assumed a small role in the trending historical drama “Under The Queen’s Umbrella”. In particular, she transformed into Cho Wol, who was caught hanging out with Grand Prince Muan (Yoon Sang Hyun) at the beginning of the series. A recent episode also revealed that Cho Wol wanted to be a courtesan lady, raising curiosity about her and Grand Prince Muan’s future relationship. 

jeon hye won

Currently, “Under The Queen’s Umbrella” is recording impressive viewership ratings within Korea, earning a lot of love from the audience. 

2. 20th Century Girl

The movie “20th Century Girl”, which was released back in October, also features Jeon Hye Won. In particular, the actress starred as the deskmate of female lead Bo Ra (Kim Yoo Jung) with little screen time. Nevertheless, she managed to make an impression with her bright and refreshing visuals which exuded youthfulness. 

jeon hye won

3. Love (ft. Marriage & Divorce) 3

Following season 1 and 2, Jeon Hye Won also appeared In the 3rd season of “Love (ft. Marriage & Divorce)”. In this drama, the actress assumed the role of Park Hyang Gi, daughter to Lee Si Eun and Park Hae Ryun, who is a kind sister that never fails to take care of her younger brother. After discovering her dad’s affair, she shows intense support for her mother. 

jeon hye won

4. Love All Play

“Love All Play” is perhaps the 2022 project where Jeon Hye Won got the most screen time. In this sports drama, the actress turned into Yang Sung Il, a member of the Yunis Badminton Club. Here, she earns money doing what she loves and dates with Lee Ji Ho, who is in deep with her dialect, leading a generally peaceful life until her relationship is discovered. 

jeon hye won

5. The Silence of the Lambs

Jeon Hye Won is listed as a cast member for the upcoming 2022 KBS drama special “Silence of the Lambs”, playing the role of Lim Da In and starring alongside Kim Sae Byuk.

jeon hye won

6. Wolf Hunting & Alchemy of Souls

Alongside the 5 aforementioned projects, Jeon Hye Won also had guest appearances in the K-drama “Alchemy of Souls” and the movie “Project Wolf Hunting”.

jeon hye won

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