This actress managed to complete a 50-episode drama despite being pregnant during the filming

Honey J and Jeon Hye-bin were recently congratulated for their pregnancy news. However, there was a star who suffered a hard time due to her pregnancy at an unexpected time.

Appearing on a broadcast of SBS’s entertainment program “In Need of Romance”, which aired in October last year, actress Oh Yeon-soo confessed the story of when she got pregnant while filming MBC’s 50-episode drama “Love and Success”, which had just aired 2 episodes at that time. 

son ji chang

Oh Yeon-soo recalled the past and said that she put the director in a difficult situation because she played a single woman in the drama. In addition, she could neither drop out of the drama because it had already been aired.

At the beginning of “Love and Success”, her belly was barely noticeable because she was still in her early stages of pregnancy. However, Oh Yeon-soo’s belly got bigger and it was clearly revealed from the second half of the drama.

son ji chang

Luckily, as the timeline changed to autumn and winter, Oh Yeon-soo was able to hide her pregnant belly with oversized coats and paddings.

According to the actress, her belly grew so big that she couldn’t move and just sat down to film her scenes during the month before the drama ended. 

Oh Yeon-soo confessed a “funny but sad” anecdote that her son somehow heard the director’s voice saying “Ready, action” more often than his father’s voice.

son ji chang

Upon hearing the story, fellow actor Yoon Yoo-sun greatly sympathized, “It must have been very tiring for you”.

Everyone applauded when Oh Yeon-soo said she completed the extreme schedule of getting up at dawn and filming until midnight for about 6 months during her pregnancy.

Making her debut in 1989, Oh Yeon-soo married actor Son Ji-chang in 1998. The two have two sons, Son Sung-min and Son Kyung-min.

son ji chang

Meanwhile, Son Ji-chang and Oh Yeon-soo drew attention after revealing their love story when appearing on SBS’s program “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2 – You Are My Destiny” in June last year.

The two, who made headlines at the time of their marriage and got called “Couple of the Century, were actually senior and junior in middle school. The actress said that she met Son Ji-chang for the first time in her first year of middle school.

son ji chang

However, it was when Oh Yeon-soo and Son Ji-chang got to film a CF together that the couple had their first conversation. Son Ji-chang appeared as an extra in a CF in which Oh Yeon-soo appeared as a model and met her. 

Revealing that Son Ji-chang was her first boyfriend, Oh Yeon-soo said, “I was very naive at that time and I thought I had to marry the person I dated”.

When asked if she regrets marrying her first love, the actress said, “If I regret it now, it’s like my life is over. I don’t regret it. My mom already said, ‘Him. It’s him’”, drawing laughter with her cool answer. 

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