This actress got married at 23 and her daughter is already 20, who is she?

There is an actress who got married during her 20s, when she was at her peak.

A 42-year-old actress who got married at the young age of 23, has become a hot topic after sharing her recent situation.

Lee Yo Won

In particular, a video titled “Lee Yo Won’s Q&A Time” was recently published on the official YouTube channel of Management Koo, drawing the attention of fans. 

In the video, actress Lee Yo Won was asked about the most important element when choosing a role, to which she replied, “Of course, I’m attracted to characters I have never tried before, so for me, the most important thing about a role is that it arouses in me a desire to challenge.”

Then, the actress drew attention for answering “I am getting older” when asked about a concern she has been having nowadays. 

Lee Yo Won

On the other hand, Lee Yo Won, who was born in 1980 and 42 years old this year, used to earn the nickname “vampire actress” when a netizen published a photo of her student ID in the past. 

The actress made her acting debut in 1997, before marrying former professional golfer Park Jin Woo in 2003 and later giving birth to 2 daughters and 1 son. 

Lee Yo Won

In fact, many people were surprised by the fact that Lee Yo Won’s daughter turned 20 this year. 

Lee Yo Won, who surprised everyone with her youthful appearance, first appeared on the big screen through the 1998 movie “Scent of a Man”, and has since delivered excellent performances in films such as “Attack the Gas Station”, “Take Care of My Cat”, “May 18”, “Perfect Number”, and “Fists of Legend”. 

Lee Yo Won

In addition to movies, she has also made appearances in dramas such as “Fashion 70’s”, “Queen Seondeok”, “49 Days”, and “Avengers Social Club”, 

The actress also won Best Actress at the SBS Drama Awards twice and at the MBC Drama Awards once, proving her extraordinary acting skills.

Lee Yo Won

As Lee Yo Won disclosed that she is interested in challenging roles, the story of how she overcame claustrophobia while filming the SBS drama special “Surgeon Bong Dal Hee” is being  re-examined.

At that time, the actress said that it was more difficult to film the scene where she was trapped under the bed for 4 hours than it was to act while standing for over 20 hours.

Lee Yo Won 10112022 7

Nevertheless, it is said that while filming, Lee Yo Won put all her heart into acting as a doctor until the very end, even learning to collect blood from the staff and obtaining a CPR certificate. 

Fans are anticipating whether Lee Yo- Won, the owner of this extraordinary passion for acting, will deliver the news of her next project after the JTBC drama “Green Mothers Club”.

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