This actor was taken to the emergency room while helping Kim Go Eun when they were college classmates 

A story between Kim Go Eun and Lee Sang Yi during their college days draws attention. 

Lee Sang Yi and Kim Go Eun were classmates at Korea National University of Arts. In particular, Lee Sang Yi once revealed that he was taken to the emergency room while trying to help Kim Go Eun when she collapsed during class during college. One time, Kim Go Eun felt something strange about her body during class and passed out in front of the door on her way out to go to the bathroom.

Kim Go Eun

Surprised by this, Lee Sang Yi ran to the door and got his big toe stuck in the practice room door. It hurt so much that Lee Sang Yi was eventually taken to the emergency room. Kim Go Eun, who collapsed first, was taken to the health center.

Lee Sang-yi

Lee Sang Yi recently made a surprise appearance in “Crash Course in Romance” and gave viewers a big laugh. He appeared as Hackman, a tenacious YouTuber who tried to dig up the scandal of Choi Chi Yeol (Jung Kyung Ho) and Nam Haeng Seon (Jeon Do Yeon). 

It was a short appearance, but it showed off Lee Sang Yi’s charming presence with incredibly strong acting and visuals.  It seems that he was willing to make a special appearance in the drama because of his connection with director Yoo Je Wan through his previous drama “Hometown Cha Cha Cha.” 

Lee Sang-yi

Lee Sang Yi is a rising actor. Following Netflix’s “Bloodhounds”, which tells the story of three young people who entered the world of loan sharks in pursuit of money, he will be part of Disney Plus’ upcoming series “Han River”, which depicts the police dealing with various accidents that take place in the Han River.

kim go eun hero

Kim Go Eun is currently busy filming the new film “The Unearthed Grave”, which depicts the strange story of a feng shui who was asked to relocate the tomb of a mysterious land with a huge amount of money, a funeral director accompanying him, and a shaman.

Source: Daum

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