“They didn’t even fix the AC”… (G)I-DLE revealed how Cube treated them

(G)I-DLE members showed off their funny jokes.

On the 29th, episode 9 of the web entertainment ‘Neighborhood Star K2’ was released on the YouTube channel ‘Diggle’.

(G)I-DLE members who recently made a comeback with ‘Nxde’ appeared as guests on this day.

gi-dle Neighborhood Star K2

On this day, Jonathan mentioned that (G)I-DLE is feeding Cube Entertainment, their agency. Miyeon said, “I saw the stock go up a little today.” Yuqi said, “So I should have bought it in advance.”

Jonathan asked, “Is Cube treating you well?” Shuhua said, “They didn’t even fix the AC.” Minnie said bitterly, “Neither the fridge.” Yuqi added, “We’re shedding blood, sweat and tears.” When Jonathan said, “Cube is always the same. That’s cool,” Minnie said, “By now, it’s okay to change”, making everyone laugh.

gi-dle shuhua Neighborhood Star K2

Afterwards, Jonathan said about (G)I-DLE, “K-trees. I’m sorry. It’s always going on regardless of whether there’s a camera or not.” “It is,” said Yuqi, “because I think it’s a prejudice that you have to hide something because you’re an idol and you shouldn’t fart.”

gi-dle Neighborhood Star K2

Jonathan says he is also famous for burping a lot. In response, Shuhua cheered and gave a high five, and Yuqi said, “I’m a competitor.”

gi-dle Neighborhood Star K2

Meanwhile, (G)I-DLE is showing off their hot popularity by winning four music trophies with “Nxde.”

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