These six 1994-born female stars born in 1994 is turning 30 years old next year but still looks stunning as ever

Fans hope to see more success and maturity in these actresses and singers’ works.

The end of 2022 is near and so are the 20s for the following actresses and idols. Nonetheless, these stars are boasting youthful and flawless looks that do not seem aged a single day. 

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1. KARA Kang Ji-young and Heo Young-ji

Recently, the renowned second-generation girl group KARA had a group reunion in seven and a half years to celebrate their 15th debut anniversary. Two members were born in 1994, Kang Ji-young and Heo Young-ji and are heading to their 30s. 

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Kang Ji-young left DSP in 2014 when her contract expired and focused more on studying English by studying in the U.S. Kang Ji-young is invested more in acting and engaged in acting activities at home and abroad.

Heo Young-ji, who is the same age as her, is also showing her new side by hosting various entertainment programs.

Despite being in their late 20s, fans are in awe of the two former KARA members’ visuals, saying, “Are they really turning 30 years old?”

2. Suzy

Singer and actress Suzy also boasts her youthful beauty despite turning 30 next year. 


Born On October 10, 1994, Bae Suzy debuted as a member of the girl group Miss A in 2010. Suzy and her group swept the music industry and later turned to acting and showed her aspect as an entertainer.

Suzy is receiving positive feedback for her improved acting on the drama “Anna” and support for her singing career this year. 

3. Krystal

krystal jung

Krystal is a member of SM girl group f(x) who was born in 1994. Following the success of the group, Krystal had a go at acting and gained vast popularity with her role in the 2013 drama series “The Heirs”. The actress is working to establish herself as an actress and returned with the KBS2’s drama “Crazy Love” with Kim Jae-wook in March, and is set to appear in “Cobweb” released next year.

4. WENDY-SEULGI of Red Velvet

Wendy and Seulgi are the 94 liners from Red Velvet, who have stirred up excitement with two comebacks this year, “Feel My Rhythm” and “Birthday”. Unlike their member Joy who is more invested in her acting activities, Seulgi and Wendy are more focused on their music releases. Specifically,  Wendy released her EP “Like Water” last year while Seulgi had her solo debut with “28 Reasons” this year. 

Their multi-talents and charming vocals are what builds anticipation for what they will bring next year.

5. Han Sohee

Actress Han So-hee who is set to return with Netflix’s original series “Gyeongseong Creature” next year, is also one of the stars born in 1994.

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Actress Han So-hee gained overnight popularity with the JTBC drama “The World of the Married,”  and returned with the latest Disney+’s “Soundtrack #1” this year where she showed a sweet chemistry with her co-star Park Hyung-sik.

Her pure and innocent image in the series makes it harder to believe the actress is actually turning 30 in the upcoming year. 

6. Lee Sun Bin

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Lee Sun Bin is an actress born in 1994 known for her most recent return, “Work Later, Drink Now” season 2 that was set to premiere on December 9th. She is officially dating Lee Kwang Soo. Her versatile acting has drawn attention to each of her dramas. 

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