These idols are the ones that have the ability to affect the company’s shares when announcing their comeback

The following idols have proven their ability in helping the company’s shares prices to increase to the highest level.

The stock value of each company is the data that reflects the development of that company. Therefore, every time a scandal broke out, companies were badly affected by the declining stock value that affected the company’s operations. However, there are also idols that are privileged enough to bring the company’s stock price up to the highest level. Let’s see who those names are:


Right after SM Entertainment announced the debut of SNSD’s unit Oh!GG, SM’s stock price soared to 49,400 won, the highest level of stock value of this company in 2018. Although the previous products of the group such as “Holiday” or “All Night” did not achieve great success, the reputation of SNSD never shows signs of declining.

After announcing the debut of Oh! GG, SM shares rose sharply.

2. Yuri

Yuri herself alone was enough to help SM’s shares hit the roof for the second time in this year. Specifically, as soon as the photos from her solo album “The First Scene” was released, SM’s share price has risen to 49,900 won. This is also the highest number of SM’s shares this year. It can be seen that Yuri’s comeback as a solo singer has received a lot of interest from netizens.

Yuri’s solo comeback once again brought SM’s shares to the roof.


After a long period of taking break, BLACKPINK had come back and made a hit with “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du”. BLACKPINK had achieved great success in bringing the value of YG shares up to 33,000 won, and is the highest value that YG recorded in the first half of 2018.

With “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du”, BLACKPINK had put YG’s share price at its highest level in 2018.


TWICE’s popularity in Japan not only can raise JYP’s incomes speedily but also can put their stock value to a higher level. Being one of the best girl group in Kpop at the moment, TWICE has a huge distribution in the growth of JYP.

TWICE is JYP’s secret weapon in raising their stock value index


Although being called “flop” and neglected by netizens in their own home country, SUPER JUNIOR still can maintain their high position among idol groups these days. After having a comeback with album “Play” with titled song “Black Suit” after two years of hiatus due to the members’ enlistment, the group was still able to raise SM’s stock value up to 34,500 won and it was the highest rate in 2017. Even with the birth of a large number of rookies, SUPER JUNIOR’s charms and power are still irresistible.

SUPER JUNIOR brought SM’s stock to the highest level in 2017

Not all idols have the power to put their company’s stock price over the top like this. This proves the brand value of idols in the eyes of investors is not small at all. What do think about this list

Sources: yan

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