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aespa Karina & Winter on “The Return of Superman”, “We’ve never seen baby’s poop before…”

aespa members Karina and Winter experience the shocking parenting world through KBS’s “The Return of Superman”.

Episode 478 of KBS 2TV’s “The Return of Superman”, scheduled to air on May 12th, is titled “Welcome to the Parenting World”. Following the previous broadcast, ‘original superman’ Song Il Guk will appear as a narrator and show his empathy when looking at Jun Beom and Eun Woo, who remind him of the Song triplets’ childhood.

During the recording, aespa members Karina and Winter remove all of their colorful nails and accessories to focus on taking care of Jun Beom but soon experience the ‘spicy’ taste of real parenting. In particular, while drinking powdered milk fed by Karina and Winter, Jun Beom suddenly poos. Sensing a suspicious smell, the two aespa members look inside the diaper and show surprising expressions as if they have lost their souls when realizing the unexpected situation, drawing laughter.


After regaining their composure, Karina and Winter confess, “This is our first time seeing baby’s poop. It looks like Korean smash potato”, etc., making everyone laugh even more because of their extraordinary description of “the first baby’s poop experience”.

Meanwhile, Jun Beom recklessly eats the baby food Winter feeds him. Surprised to see Jun Beom eating the food well, Jason says, “He normally doesn’t eat food given by others”, raising fans’ expectations for the official broadcast of “The Return of Superman”, featuring Karina and Winter’s sweet and spicy experience in the parenting world, tonight (May 12th). 

Source: Daum

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