C.A.P danced to fan donations on the day he left TEEN TOP, “Up to 100,000 won a day”

On the same day it was announced that C.A.P left TEEN TOP, the male idol held a livestream and danced to donations.

On May 11th, TEEN TOP’s agency, T.O.P Media, released an announcement regarding C.A.P’s withdrawal from TEEN TOP, as well as the group’s upcoming comeback. Within the same day, C.A.P did a live broadcast on his YouTube channel. 

Here, C.A.P communicated with fans, saying that his departure from TEEN TOP was as he intended. Then, whenever fans sent “donations” through the stream, the male idol responded with a dance reaction, either sitting or standing.


However, C.A.P also predicted future broadcasts, saying, “Even if you donate more money, my tension is up to 100,000 won per day.”

Previously, C.A.P was criticized for making rash remarks during a live stream. In particular, on May 8th, the male idol started to smoke during a live stream, but when some fans asked him to refrain from smoking, causing C.A.P to explode in anger. 

In particular, C.A.P used profanity, and mentioned that he especially hates people who never watched his livestream before, only to come and tell him what to do nearing TEEN TOP’s comeback. He also said that he doesn’t want to participate in the comeback, and that his contract with the agency is expiring soon anyways. 


As a result, on May 9th, TEEN TOP’s agency said, “C.A.P deeply regrets and repents for showing his shortcomings,” adding “We will pay special attention so that such incidents do not recur”. They also explained that TEEN TOP’s planned comeback with C.A.P will proceed without any problems.

However, on May 11th, the agency announced again that after consultation with the members of TEEN TOP, C.A.P will be withdrawing from the comeback and the group. Therefore, TEEN TOP will be reorganized into a four-member lineup with Chunji, Niel, Ricky, and Changjo. 

Source: Naver

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