Kang Ki Young is reportedly reviewing casting offer for new film “New Humanity War: Resurrection Man”

Actor Kang Ki Young received an offer to star in the movie “New Humanity War: Resurrection Man” led by Koo Kyo Hwan.

On May 12th, an official from Namoo Actors told OSEN, “Kang Ki Young recently received a casting offer for the movie ‘New Humanity War: Resurrection Man’ by director Baek Jong Yeol and is positively reviewing it.”

Kang Ki-young

“New Humanity War: Resurrection Man” is an action blockbuster film about the events that unfold after Seok Hwan, who has been looking for a job for a long time, discovers his ability to resurrect three days after his death. This is a new project by director Baek Jong Yeol, who gained recognition for his visually stunning directing style through “The Beauty Inside.”

Kang Ki Young received favorable reviews for his acting performance as lawyer Jung Myung Seok in ENA’s hit drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” last year. Thanks to his impressive chemistry with actress Park Eun Bin, who played the main character Woo Young Woo, Kang Ki Young was even nicknamed “Sub-Daddy” and “Office Daddy”.

kang ki young

Actor Koo Kyo Hwan has confirmed his appearance in “New Humanity War: Resurrection Man” as the main character Seok Hwan. Movie fans are raising high expectations for the chemistry Kang Ki Young will have with Koo Kyo Hwan if he joins this project.

Source: Daum

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