These are the female idols with the most perfect body in the 4th generation K-pop

These female idols’ physique are definitely body goals that every girl dreams of.

The Korean entertainment industry has always had many beauties who attract fans with  their excellent looks, especially now that there are more and more 4th gen female idols with eye-catching visuals. New generation female idols attract fans’ attention when possessing a standard body.

K-pop female idols
Female idols with the perfect body of K-pop’s 4th generation.


Recently, a photo of HYBE president Bang Shi Hyuk taken with Sakura and Kim Chaewon is circulating on the Internet. This is a commemorative photo on the occasion of two former IZ*ONE members joining Source Music (subsidiary of HYBE). In the photo, “Hitman” Bang and the two female idols both have cute expressions that make people excited.

Sakura-Kim Chae-won-Bang Si-hyuk
Bang Shi Hyuk posted a commemorative photo with two former IZ*ONE members. 

Besides the cuteness of the three, netizens couldn’t help but admire Sakura’s gorgeous beauty. Fans were even more excited when they saw the female idol’s slim figure. She shocked fans when owning a super small waist with no excess fat. Although her height is not too prominent of 1m63, the 1998-born beauty still causes a stir thanks to her slim body.

Sakura-Kim Chae-won-Bang Si-hyuk
Sakura’s (right) admirable waist. 

Yuna (ITZY)

As the visual of ITZY, Yuna‘s appearance has always been of utmost interest to fans. Yuna’s beauty is said to increase over time. Every time she appears, the female idol takes all the spotlight with her beautiful, flawless face.

Yuna ITZY Dalla Dalla 130222
Yuna is known as the “body genius” of the 4th Gen. 

Not only has the top visual, the 2003-born beauty also has a great body. She was once called a female idol with a surreal waist because it is too small. In addition, the height of 1m7 and slim legs are also advantages that help Yuna always stand out.

Yuna’s beauty has never disappointed people. 
Yuna ITZY 0902224
She can look amazing in any outfit.


Somi is an indispensable name in the list of female idols with the best body. The beauty born in 2001 is increasingly enhancing both in terms of beauty and physique. In addition to the natural Western features, she attracts attention with her height of 1m72.

The female idol attracts people’s eyes thanks to her top-notch body with a superb waist and long, straight, white legs. Somi is always praised for being as pretty as a doll because both her visuals and body are perfect.

Jeon Somi
Somi is the “living doll” of K-pop.
Jeon Somi
The female idol’s beauty captivates the fans’ hearts. 
Jeon Somi
Just looking from behind is enough to tell how great Somi’s body is. 

Wonyoung (IVE)

Since debut, Wonyoung‘s appearance has never disappointed fans. The female idol is famous for her stunning beauty and extravagant aura that makes everyone fall in love. Therefore, fans often fondly call her the goddess of beauty in the new generation of Kpop.

Jang Wonyoung-IVE
Wonyoung is a goddess of beauty in the new generation of Kpop. 

In addition to her outstanding visuals, the IVE beauty also impresses fans with her huge height of 1m73. Therefore, she always stands out every time she appears with her group members. Not only has an outstanding height, the 2004-born female idol also has a perfect body. Wonyoung always becomes the focus of all eyes because of her slim waist and surreal legs.

Jang Wonyoung-IVE
Wonyoung’s body defies even photos taken on the stairs, with no photoshop needed.
Jang Won Young
The female idol practices aerial yoga to get in shape.
Jang Won Young
Wonyoung had to sit quite uncomfortably because her legs were too long. 

Karina (aespa)

Since her debut, Karina has attracted the audience’s attention thanks to her eye-catching appearance. Over time, her appearance gradually became perfect, making it difficult for anyone to see her. Many people also praised the female idol for having an AI-standard physique.

Karina owns a height of 1m67, is the tallest member of aespa. However, when people first look at her, they think that she is 1m7 tall because her body is too thin and slim. The beauty born in 2000 always impresses with her incredible body proportions. It can be said that Karina is among the female idols with the best body of the 4th gen.

aespa karina
Karina’s visuals are said to look like AI-generated beauty. 
aespa karina
She is also passionate about aerial yoga. 

Shen Xiaoting (Kep1er)

Shen Xiaoting has stood out with her impressive physique and beautiful face ever since she was a contestant on Mnet’s survival show Girls Planet 999. Shen Xiaoting is a Chinese idol but she has won the hearts of many Korean fans thanks to her visuals.

Not only is she pretty, Shen Xiaoting is known as the visual of Kep1er also because of her stunning figure. Attracting much attention with her perfect proportions, skinny body with a tiny waist and long legs, Shen Xiaoting stuns every time she appears.

Shen Xiaoting
Her outstanding body helps Shen Xiaoting gain the spotlight on stage
Shen Xiaoting
She used to be an athlete so her physique are totally body goals
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