There’s a reason why BLACKPINK Jennie doesn’t gain weight…”I don’t like hamburgers and pizza”

BLACKPINK Jennie revealed her shocking (?) eating habit.

On May 19th, Jennie posted a video titled “North America World Tour vlog” on her YouTube channel.

In the video, Jennie went shopping first. While shopping, she liked the mood light and bought it, saying, “Are you gonna tell me off if I buy this? It’s scary when I sleep at night.”

When she discovered BLACKPINK’s second full-length album “BORN PINK” in the album corner, she proudly said, “Wow, there’s just one left. I know, she’s working hard.

She then visited a Chicago pizza restaurant with her manager. Jennie confessed, “I wonder if the pizza will be good. Does everyone like pizza? I really don’t like pizza.”


When the manager asked “How many slices can you have?“, Jennie surprised everyone by replying, “I’m the style that you know… eats the end crusts when someone is enjoying their pizza.”

She added, “I didn’t even touch hamburgers or pizzas when I was young. I didn’t even like it when I lived in New Zealand. I just had potato chips and stuff.”

Meanwhile, Jennie was once again embroiled in dating rumors after a sighting of her dating in Paris with BTS V spread online. However, the agencies of both sides have not shown any particular position regarding this.

Source: Nate

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