The visuals of Red Velvet’s Wendy shined like the sun despite her “auntie hair”

No longer required to wear a mask, Red Velvet’s Wendy looked like she was glowing on the way to work. 

As a member of SM’s “visual group” Red Velvet, Wendy’s beauty never disappoints. In fact, the female idol would shine even brighter when she smiles in photos taken naturally. Recently, Wendy has once again gone viral on social media for her glowing and lively charms while going to work. 

Wendy looked as if she was in a magazine in a natural shot. 
The female idol smiled brightly while greeting reporters. 

Seeing that South Korea no longer requires masks in public, the visuals of Wendy were no longer hidden. In new photos, the idol was wearing a simple white T-shirt, black blazer, and matching trousers, while her eye smile was on full display.  Even the most drained people would feel refreshed at Wendy’s energy, and her curly hair style, which is often said to resemble old aunties (ajummas), only served to make the idol more adorable.  

Wendy’s positive vibes could clear away the gloomiest moods. 

Everyone on the net were floored by this appearance of Wendy, and topics about the idol’s visuals all received huge numbers of interactions. 

Some comments from netizens: 

  • Truly a happy pill
  • The curly hair is so cute!
  • Every time Wendy changes her hair, I want to follow the exact style, she’s just that pretty. 
  • Overflowing with positive energy and cuteness!!!
  • Wendy is already pretty but the smile really got me. 
  • I can’t help but smile along with Wendy

Source: Pann

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