The truth behind the wedding of Lee Hyo Ri, who was pointed out as the person who made small weddings popular

It is said that the wedding trend changed after Lee Hyo Ri had a small wedding

After Lee Hyo RiLee Sang Soon and Lee Na YoungWon Bin‘s weddings

It is said that small wedding and outdoor wedding businesses have developed a lot…

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The wedding of Lee Hyo Ri, who is said to be the one who made small weddings popular, was actually…

a luxurious wedding

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lee hyori radio star

People call it as a small wedding

In a house with a large yard… She provided plane tickets and nearby accommodations for all the guests

From morning to night, the chef who won “Master Chef Korea” came and made custom dishes with vegetables

lee hyori radio star

Her wedding dress and outfits were made by the most famous designer in Korea

The photographer was the top one

lee hyori radio star

Kim Dong Ryul sang a song for the wedding

This was not a small wedding

lee hyori radio star

Lee Hyo Ri said she thought it was an extravagant wedding

And she was embarrassed to hear that she had a small wedding…

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Source: Daum

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