The truth behind the touching words Son Ye Jin’s father said to son-in-law Hyun Bin at the wedding 

On March 31st, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin tied the knot in a luxurious wedding ceremony held at an outdoor venue. What happened at the “Wedding of the Century” has been drawing much attention from global netizens. 

Since the wedding took place in private under tight security, netizens could only get updates from exclusive reports by Korean media outlets. Among the information being shared online on the same day, touching words that were believed to be said by Son Ye Jin’s father to the groom Hyun Bin, welcoming Hyun Bin to the family, at the ceremony especially created a buzz. Hyun Bin was also said to express his gratitude to his father-in-law, promising to cherish and love Son Ye Jin forever. 

hyun bin son ye jin

However, these emotional words turn out to be made up by a shipper of BinJin. Although the original owner of the Tweet added that this is just their imagination, many other fans were so excited about the wedding of their favorite couple that they spread it around without checking its credibility, unintentionally making a piece of fake information go viral. 

Up to now, what Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin, and their parents said at the wedding remains unpublished, but it’s definitely something deeply sincere and emotional. Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin were also seen hugging their in-laws tightly on the wedding aisle. 

Furthermore, netizens were enraged by fans who were continually creating false information regarding the couple’s wedding day, resulting in a bad situation that forced the management business to correct it. Fake wedding invitations even went viral right before the wedding. Netizens appreciate the fans’ love for the couple, but fabricating fake information about the artists is taking things too far. Thus,  fans should be cautious when reading stories about Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin these days.

hyun bin son ye jin
The person who shared the conversation between Son Ye Jin’s father  and Hyun Bin spoke up and explained that it was a fake story
It’s not clear what they said, but Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin were also seen hugging their in-laws tightly at the moment when they officially became one family.
Son Ye-jin-Hyun Bin
Before that, Son Ye Jin’s father handed her to Hyun Bin’s arm, making her so touched that she burst into tears
hyun bin son ye jin wedding
Besides the correct information, fake news about the couple’s wedding is constantly being spread on social networks. The wedding invitation that was leaked before the couple’s wedding was also fake.
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