The romance of a 29-year-old actress is not allowed by her company… What will happen to Rocky and Park Bo-yeon couple?

ASTRO member Rocky and actress Park Bo-yeon are known to be dating. However, only one side confirmed the two’s romantic relationship.

astro rocky park bo yeon

While the agency of 24-year-old idol Rocky accepted his relationship and revealed that he and Park Bo-yeon had good feelings for each other. However, 29-year-old actress Park Bo-yeon failed to ask for permission from her company and made a vague stance.

Dating rumors of Rocky and Park Bo-yeon were recently raised among Rocky’s fans. It is because of some unusual interactions between the two after they worked together in the 2021 web drama “Find Me If You Can”.

astro rocky park bo yeon dating

Park Bo-yeon was seen going to watch the musical “The Three Musketeers”, starring Rocky, several times. According to fans’ witnesses, Park Bo-yeon was with Rocky’s family. The actress also participated in writing the lyrics for Rocky’s solo song “S#1”, which was released in May 2022. Rocky even put Park Bo-yeon’s voice in his song. In addition, fans also pointed out that the two shared signals as if they were doing Lovestagram.

astro rocky park bo yeon dating

In the end, confirmation from both agencies was needed. 

On October 31st, Rocky’s agency Fantagio announced their position first. The agency confirmed the two’s romantic relationship and explained their relationship developments. Accordingly, Rocky and Park Bo-yeon got to know each other through “Find Me If You Can”, Park Bo-yeon later participated in Rocky’s music production, then they developed good feelings for each other. 

astro rocky park bo yeon dating

However, Park Bo-yeon’s agency, Management Koo, overturned Rocky’s acknowledgment of the relationship and claimed that the actress and Rocky are just good colleagues.

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Could it be that there was no prior consultation between Rocky and Park Bo-yeon’s sides on the announcement of the two’s romance rumor? In general, in the case of celebrity couples, both agencies give an official position in harmony with each other. Considering the images of the two artists in the future, the content will be organized with as much of a passive nuance as possible.

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Of course, in these cases, two companies would unify their opinion into either acknowledgment or denial. On the other hand, Rocky and Park Bo-yeon’s sides were at odds, with Rocky’s rep confirming their idol’s personal life while remaining watchful of the fans’ eyes. Due to the nature of a boy group, dating closely affects their future activities, making idols’ dating a sensitive issue. Even with that in mind, the company acknowledged the relationship.

However, Park Bo-yeon’s side refuted all allegations. Despite allowing the actress to watch Rocky’s musical and work on a love song with him, her management somehow doesn’t allow their relationship to be revealed.

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The relationship between 24-year-old male idol Rocky and 29-year-old actress Park Bo-yeon is currently raising questions about the conflicting statements of the two sides. Some netizens have been expressing that it is sad to see a man who is not recognized by his lover’s company and the actress must also feel bad for that.

Source: Nate

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