Itaewon disaster foreign survivor, “Korean onlookers were singing and laughing at the scene”

A friend of a foreign victim of the Itaewon tragedy who was present at the scene burst into anger.


A friend of the Australian victim Grace of the Itaewon crowd crush posted online on October 31, “We went to Itaewon to celebrate Grace’s 24th birthday. But it was too crowded and Grace said she couldn’t breathe. I held another friend’s hand.” He went on to reveal that two out of three of them were in critical condition and one died.

He continued while crying furiously, “The lack of preventive measures was the cause of the disaster. There was a shortage of police and emergency service personnel. No one was going to help us. Onlookers were filming the accident scene or singing and even laughing. People were dying.” 

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Grace, a 23-year-old film producer from Sydney, Australia, died in the crowd crushing accident in Itaewon on October 29th. During her trip around the world ahead of her 24th birthday, she lost her life while enjoying Halloween and dressing up as Audrey Hepburn in Itaewon.

Grace was traveling the world as a member of an independent studio. A few days before she came to Itaewon, she posted on social media a video of her swimming, dancing and enjoying Bali with her friends on an Indonesian resort island, but she unfortunately passed away in South Korea.

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Meanwhile, as of 10 am KST on November 1st, 155 people were found to be dead and dozens of others were injured in the Itaewon disaster, adding to the utter shock and heartbreak. Among them, 26 were foreigners.

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