Known for pure visuals, yet Kim Sejeong flaunts a glamorous physique and unexpected charm

Singer and actress Kim Sejeong is expanding her range of activities through acting, singing, and versatile talents.

Kim Sejeong, who has a cute and innocent appearance, is loved by fans because of her easygoing and friendly personality.

However, fans of the idol-actress are now paying attention to an unexpected charm, proving that Kim Sejeong truly does not lack in any area. 

kim se jeong

Recently, Kim Sejeong posted several photos on her Instagram along with the caption, “Last page of the last day”.

In the photos, Kim Sejeong can be seen boasting a happy smile as she enjoys a leisurely time in Thailand. She was also wearing a tight black sleeveless dress which showed of her outstanding body line.

kim se jeong

In particular, the idol-actress flaunted her strong yet not bulky forearms that have been strengthened through exercise, a lean waistline, and an excellent sense of volume, making for the perfect S-line.

At the same time, she gave off a refreshing and healthy charm by winking at the camera.

kim se jeong

The sight of her enjoying a book while sitting and eating outdoors gives viewers a pleasant and peaceful feeling. 

On another day, Kim Sejeong showed her bareface and aroused admiration. In particular, fans who came across the idol-actress’ current situation showed keen interest, saying, “You look so happy”, “I came here to get refreshed by your visuals”, and “Your bare face is also pretty.”

kim se jeong

Meanwhile, Kim Sejeong debuted as a member of the girl group I.O.I in 2016 after winning 2nd place on “Produce 101”, and has since worked as a member of girl group Gugudan and as an actress.

kim se jeong

In particular, Kim Sejeong was recognized for her acting skills via the 2020 OCN drama “The Uncanny Counter”, and explored her romance acting potential through the SBS drama “Business Proposal”, which concluded in April of this year.

Recently, Kim Sejeong also raised expectations by announcing via Instagram her appearance in the long-awaited second season of “The Uncanny Counter”.

Kim Se Jeong

Source: Insight

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