Why does Kim Hye Soo shine more after filming? The rolling paper prepared by 8 “Under the Queen’s Umbrella” concubines is full of compliments

It turns out that there is no such twist between the Queen and 8 concubines, who have been competing against each other in “Under the Queen’s Umbrella”.

Kim Hye Soo recently left a proof shot of a cake with the phrase “‘Under the Queen’s Umbrella’ team worked hard! We love you -All the concubines-” written on it on her personal account.

She then posted a photo of the rolling paper prepared for her by 8 actors appearing as concubines in the drama “Under the Queen’s Umbrella“.

Under the Queen's Umbrella- Kim Hye Soo

Actors Ok Ja Yeon (as Royal Consort Gwi-in Hwang), Woo Jung Won (as Royal Consort Gwi-in Go), Kim Ga Eun (as Royal Consort So-yong Tae), Shin Soo Jeong (as Royal Consort So-ui Kim), Song Young Ah (as Royal Consort Sug-ui Choi), Lee Ha Young (as Royal Consort So-won Moon), Lee Hwa Kyum (as Royal Consort Sug-won Ok) and Lee So Hee (as Special Court Lady Park) wrote letters with affection.

In front of the camera, they competed against Kim Hye Soo. Behind the camera, they followed Kim Hye Soo.

They expressed their gratitude towards Kim Hye Soo through messages such as “Your name is Kim Hye Soo. Many juniors are encouraged by your kindness” and “The blessing of meeting you at this time is likely to determine the rest of my acting career.”

Under the Queen's Umbrella

In addition, they expressed respect and love for Kim Hye Soo, such as “I’ll never forget the advice you gave me on the first day of filming“, “Thank you for always taking care of me and looking at me with eyes full of love“…

Meanwhile, the drama “Under the Queen’s Umbrella” starring Kim Hye Soo deals with the top 1% education method in Joseon to make the troublemaker princes, who cause nuisance for the royal family, into proper princes. Its ratings are skyrocketing.

Source: Daum

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