Is there any legal problem with the “reversed statements” that Lee Sun Bin also admitted?

Actress Lee Sun Bin drew attention by expressing her position on SNS on her allegedly false testimony in court.

When testifying in court, people always have to swear, “If what I said is false, I will be punished for perjury“. However, Lee Sun Bin changed her words between the prosecution’s investigation in 2017 and court testimony in 2021 on the same issue. However, as the TVing series “Drink Now, Work Later 2” starring her is still being released every Friday, Lee Sun Bin is also continuing her SNS activities. Then, is there really no legal problem with Lee Sun Bin’s reversed statement?

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To start with the conclusion, it’s “yes.” Even if the coverage on Jan 8th reveals that Lee Sun Bin lied in the past prosecution investigation, it is not easy to put her under any legal punishment.

The point of this case is how Lee Sun Bin changed her statement regarding the owner of WYD Entertainment. In the case in which Imagine Asia sued A, the former largest shareholder of WYD (previously Wellmade Yedang), in 2017, she previously claimed that “WWYD has nothing to do with A.” Later, in 2021, she testified again that “WWYD is owned by A” regarding a dispute between A and B over the ownership of WYD. Her first testimony was made in the prosecution’s investigation and the second one was testified in trial. Being the exact opposite, one of her statements must be false.

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A prosecutor-turned-lawyer said in a telephone interview with E-Daily, “The prosecution believes that not everything she says in the investigation is and has decided to conduct an investigation,” adding, “It is difficult to punish anyone for lying in the prosecution’s investigation.” However, if Imagine Asia was damaged by Lee Sun Bin’s statement at the time, it could file a lawsuit for damages.

If Lee Sun Bin’s past testimony is true and what she later revealed in the trial is false, there is a possibility that perjury may be established. In other words, if the phrase “WYD belongs to A” is false, Lee may be punished by the law. In this case, it will be difficult for Imagine Asia to hold Lee Sun Bin responsible for anything because Lee Sun Bin claimed in the prosecution investigation in 2017 that “WYD has nothing to do with A.

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Imagine Asia has not given any definite answer to whether it is considering legal action against Lee Sun Bin.

Source: E-Daily

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