The recent situation of “Won Bin’s nephew” Kim Hee Jung: radiant beauty fitting to be “Korea’s Megan Fox”

Actress Kim Hee Jung showed off her beautiful looks with healthy tanned skin. 

On December 7th, Kim Hee Jung released a photo of her current situation without any captions. 

In the photo, Kim Hee Jung is posing in a light blue dress with a flower pattern. The view of a clear sky and Kim Hee Jung’s lively appearance made for a picturesque sight, drawing the attention of netizens. 

Kim Hee Jung

In addition, Kim Hee Jung boasts a superior beauty with healthy copper-colored skin and a solid body, gaining admiration.

Seeing the photo, fans showed their excitement by leaving comments like, “Let’s go to the beach together”, “Refreshing and pretty”, “You are Korea’s Megan Fox”, and “You look so gorgeous”. 

Kim Hee Jung

On the other hand, Kim Hee Jung debuted in the KBS drama “Tough Guy’s Love” in 2000 and made a strong impression by playing the nephew of actor Won Bin.

Currently, she is active in the SBS TV program “Kick a Goal”. 

Source: daum

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