The reason why the lineup for Netflix’s drama “Celebrity” got criticized after Jun Hyo-seong’s appearance was confirmed

After Netflix announced the production of new drama “Celebrity”, malicious comments have been poured out toward Jun Hyo-seong, who appeared in the cast lineup.

On May 26th, Netflix Korea unveiled the casting lineup of “Celebrity”, saying “Aren’t you curious about the lives of the top 1% SNS celebrities? Let us show you their splendid and fierce bare faces through Netflix’s series ‘Celebrity’.”

The actors named in the lineup are Park Kyu-young, Kang Min-hyuk, Lee Chung-ah, Lee Dong-gun and Jun Hyo-seong. However, what drew attention was Internet users’ malicious comments toward Jun Hyo-seong under the lineup announcement on Netflix’s Youtube channel.


Earlier in November last year, Jun Hyo-seong appeared in a video titled “Jun Hyo-seong hopes that the generous ideas on dating violence would disappear”, which was uploaded on the Youtube channel of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family.

In the video, Jun Hyo-seong expressed her opinion on dating violence, saying “Because of the generous ideas of the public, the victims are often blamed for the reason for the crime. The crime is definitely the fault of the perpetrator. ‘The crime happened because of you’, I don’t think they should receive such unnecessary attention”.

Jun Hyo-sung

In particular, she also said, “Whenever I’m on my way home at night, I often wonder ‘Can I get in my house safely today as well?’”, adding, “I think a safe society is where you can freely speak your minds, go around whenever you want to, love and break up when you want to”.

After the video was released, Jun Hyo-seong faced a huge backlash and was attacked with malicious comments from people who opposed her idea. The aftermath even spread to Jun Hyo-seong’s personal Youtube and SNS accounts. 

Source: Nate

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