The reason why people are looking forward to Hwasa’s first solo show

Mamamoo Hwasa will launch a music show under her own name.

tvN recently announced, “The new music entertainment show ‘Hwasa Show’ will premiere at midnight on Dec 18th.

hwasa show

“Hwasa Show”, which features Hwasa as its sole MC, is a late-night music entertainment show where Hwasa and musicians share stories and music. Hwasa, who appeared on many variety shows such as MBC’s “Hangout with Yoo” and “I Live Alone”, will have her first solo MC program through “Hwasa Show” with her name at the forefront.

As it is a late-night music entertainment show, the main content of “Hwasa Show” is Hwasa’s free music stories in the music studio, a comfortable daily space. Hwasa, who has stood out on variety shows with her unique drowsy vibe and witty volubility, is expected to announce the start of a late-night music entertainment show with her own atmosphere through “Hwasa Show”.


The news of the launch of “Hwasa Show” in the domestic entertainment industry, where it is not easy to launch an entertainment show under one’s own name, has a significant meaning. In particular, the departure of “Hwasa Show” is even more meaningful in a situation where KBS2’s “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook”, which had been the only late-night music entertainment show in Korea, was suddenly abolished.

Although she stood at the starting line with heavy shoulders amid public expectations, fortunately, expectations rather than concerns are gathered for “Hwasa Show”. This is thanks to the belief in Hwasa’s musical ability and hosting skills as a solo MC.


Previously, Hwasa presented a live show with a musical-like atmosphere by mixing talks and live performances at Mamamoo’s concert “4season F/W” in 2019. The name of the solo stage that drew quite a lot of attention at the time was “Hwasa Show”. Later, Kim Do Hoon, CEO of RBW, expressed his will to make “Hwasa Show” into a brand and produce content such as a talk show.

At that time, Hwasa gave off energy that overwhelmed the audience with only live performances and talks on stage with two dancers without any special guests. This is why viewers are looking forward to “Hwasa Show”, which will be differentiated from existing late-night music entertainment shows where the focus is on talks with guest musicians and their performances.


It is also interesting that PD Yang Jung Woo, who is called “Na Young Seok’s kid”, is in charge of directing. People are curious to see what kind of new sense he will unveil through “Hwasa Show”.

Source: Daum

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