The reason this famous actress has never revealed her husband’s identity since her marriage

Actress Lee Yeon-hee explained why she decided to keep her husband’s face a secret.

Actress Lee Yeon-hee is enjoying a happy married life after tying the knot with her non-celebrity husband, who is two years older than her, in 2020. The actress raised the public’s curiosity as she did not disclose her husband’s face.

Lee Yeon-hee

In this regard, Lee Yeon-hee explained in an interview, saying “I’m trying to be careful with this issue. I’ve been living as a public figure for a long time. I think I should separate public and private matters. My family members also agree with my decision”.

Lee Yeon-hee

She continued, “There were many times when people recognized me when I was spending time with my sister at the cafes. That situation made my sister feel uncomfortable. Thinking of the things that can happen to my family members, I’m more cautious about revealing my husband’s identity.”

Lee Yeon-hee

Meanwhile, Lee Yeon-hee posted many daily photos on SNS and drew admiration for her perfect body proportions even when she was wearing casual clothes. In response, fans commented, “She has no desire to look more pretty”, “You have a beautiful face and an impressive physique. You don’t need to care about the visual of your kids”, etc.

Lee Yeon-ho will greet fans through the new drama “Race”. “Race” tells the office romance between a marketer, who has a regular academic and family background but is serious about work, and a public relations employee at a large company, who is smart and righteous but has no expectations for her company. Lee Yeon-hee will act alongside various actors, such as Hong Jong-hyun, Baek Ji-won, and Jo Han-chul.

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