Lee Yeon-hee and Hong Jong-hyun are considering to work together in new drama “Race”

Lee Yeon-hee and Hong Jong-hyun will work together in the drama “Race”.

According to OSEN on May 16th, Lee Yeon-hee and Hong Jong-hyun are positively reviewing the proposal to appear in “Race”. It is a new work by Kim Roo-ri, who wrote “Hyena”.


“Race” is an office melodrama about Park Yoon-jo, a marketer who is serious about her work even though she does not have a great family background nor an impressive education, and Ryu Jae-min, a public relations officer of a large company who is smart and righteous but has no expectations for his company. The work’s airing schedule has not been decided yet.

Hong Jong-hyun will appear in TVING’s “Ants Are Riding”, which is scheduled to be released in the second half of this year. Lee Yeon-hee will star alongside Lee Jin-wook in Kakao TV’s “Welcome to Wedding Hell“, which is scheduled to premiere on May 23rd.

Expectations are high on what kind of chemistry Hong Jong-hyun and Lee Yeon-hee will show in “Race”.

Source: entertain.v.daum.net

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