The reason many famous male idols have been found following girl group members on Instagram then quickly canceling their follows 

It’s a natural thing for celebrities to follow the Instagram accounts of their acquaintances. Even among idols, many are also following people they are close with, posting comments and showing off their friendship on Instagram. 

However, several cases in which idols accidentally followed someone’s Instagram then canceled the action right away have also been found by fans. 

bts v jennie

In August last year, BTS V hurriedly unfollowed BLACKPINK Jennie right after he pressed the ‘follow’ button on her Instagram account.

After that, V went on the fan community Weverse and said, “Instagram recommendation, is there a way to get rid of this? Such a scary app”, explaining his embarrassment. 

bts v

In August this year, NCT DREAM Jeno was also seen following TWICE Mina on Instagram and about an hour later, he realized the situation and unfollowed her account.

Based on these ‘Instagram following’ mistakes of stars, some Internet users raised speculations and dating rumors.

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A similar accident recently occurred again and attracted keen attention. NCT 127’s oldest member Taeil suddenly followed WJSN’s oldest member Seola. The two are of the same age as they were both born in 1994.

On October 4th, a screenshot of Taeil following Seola on Instagram spread rapidly in online communities. 

taeil instagram

Except for NCT members, Taeil was following only 28 people, including choreographers and SM senior U-Know Yun-ho. 

However, many people were surprised when Seola was suddenly added to his following list. 

Shortly after then, Taeil canceled his follow. In other words, it is presumed that the incident was simply a mistake.

taeil seola

In response, Internet users commented, “It seems to be a mistake”, “Taeil used to post wrong photos on Instagram in the past”, etc. 

Some jokingly said, “Seola and Jungwoo look alike, that’s why he mistakenly followed her”. This is because Jungwoo, another member of NCT 127, once made hot topics because his face resembles Seola’s.

taeil seola

Meanwhile, Taeil’s group NCT 127 recently made a comeback with their 4th full album “2 Baddies” on September 16th.

good morning america

The group also captivated domestic and overseas fans with their appearance on ABC’s flagship morning show “Good Morning America” on the 10th (local time). On that day, the cast of the show expressed their excitement, saying “Numerous fans have lined up since dawn to see NCT 127”. NCT 127 then performed their new song “2 Baddies” and drew enthusiastic cheers.

nct 127

NCT 127 will continue their heated promotion with the show of their 2nd World Tour “Neo City – THE LINK” to be held at Prudential Center, New York on October 13th. 

Source: insight

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