Is she turning into a broadcaster? Wife of a top idol suddenly shows her transformation

Ryu Yi-seo, wife of Shinhwa member Jun Jin, showed off her splendid visuals. 

Ryu Yi-seo posted several photos on her Instagram on Oct 10th and said, “It’s a little burdensome because my face is too big, right? Thank you for making me pretty and filming me pretty.”

Ryu Yi-seo

The released photo shows Ryu Yi-seo, who is in the middle of getting dressed up before filming. Her outstanding beauty, reborn through the touch of experts, catches everyone’s attention. In particular, her unblemished flawless skin and distinct features left netizens in awe. 

Ryu Yi-seo

Ryu Yi-seo said, “Style Me 4 airs every other week. Today, I’m also experiencing the golden hand performance of Pony, who I love so much. Please look forward to how I will transform,” , encouraging viewers to catch ‘Style Me 4’ on time.

Ryu Yi-seo

Internet users who saw this responded enthusiastically, saying, “You have to watch beautiful things on a big screen,” “It’s not burdensome at all,” “I’ll look forward to the broadcast,” and “Is it okay to be this pretty,”… 

Ryu Yi-seo, a former flight attendant, appeared in SBS’ “Same Bed, Different Dreams Season 2 – You Are My Destiny” after marrying Shinhwa member Jun Jin in 2020. Recently, she signed an agency contract with The J Story to help her in broadcasting activities.

Ryu Yi-seo

Ryu Yi-seo, who announced her transformation into a broadcaster, has recently been active as an MC on Dong-A TV beauty entertainment program “Style Me Season 4.”

Source: Wikitree

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