The rating of the drama “Green Mothers’ Club”, which started at 2.5%, recently doubled thanks to word of mouth

“Green Mothers’ Club” is seeing a rise in its ratings thanks to the word of mouth effect.

According to reports by Nielsen Korea, a rating survey company on May 6th, the 10th episode of JTBC’s “Green Mothers’ Club”, which aired on the previous day, recorded an average nationwide viewership of 4.5% and 5.1% for the Seoul metropolitan area.

Green Mothers' Club

This is an increase of 1.1% compared to the highest rating of 3.4% recorded in the 9th episode. It also topped the popularity chart of Wednesday-Thursday dramas, firmly maintaining the No.1 spot for 4 consecutive weeks. 

Green Mothers' Club

“Green Mothers’ Club”, which started with the lowest ratings of 2.5% (nationwide) and 2.9% (Seoul), has gradually increased to around 2% and 3%. Notably, it reached 4% in the 8th episode and exceeded 5% in the 10th episode. 

Green Mothers' Club

With its interesting directing and actors’ great acting skills, “Green Mothers’ Club” is showing a steady rise in viewership. It has recently been recognized by more people and even topped Netlfix’s chart.

“Green Mothers’ Club” is a drama that depicts the bare face of the elementary school community and the dangerous connections of parents in the same neighborhood.

Green Mothers' Club

In the 10th episode, Lee Eun-pyo (Lee Yo-won) and Byun Chun-hee (Choo Ja-hyun) were shocked because of their children’s abnormal behaviors.

At the end of the broadcast, Lee Eun-pyo was seen losing her consciousness as soon as she noticed her son Dong-seok wearing a shopping bag inside out. Lee Eun-pyo, who was scared of her son’s strange behaviors, tried to stop him but eventually got bitten as Dong-seok refused to touch his affectionate mother. She cried bitterly.

Green Mothers' Club

The viewers are getting more curious about what would happen to Lee Eun-pyo’s family and whether they would see a flower path. 

The next story of Lee Eun-pyo’s family facing their crisis can be found in the 11th episode of “Green Mothers’ Club”, which will air at 10:30 p.m on May 11th.


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