Paired up with younger male co-stars, these 3 top actresses ended up in K-dramas with underwhelming ratings and reviews 

Despite their huge popularity and charm, K-dramas led by these 3 actresses aren’t always considered hits. 

Although Song Hye Kyo, Son Ye Jin, and Park Min Young are among the most sought-after actresses of the Korean small screen, for different reasons, dramas in which they take on the lead roles are not guaranteed to automatically achieve high ratings and great reviews. The following dramas are examples. 

1. Song Hye Kyo – Now, We Are Breaking Up

Song Hye Kyo is without doubt one of the most stunning and famous K-drama actresses, but her acting skills often face divided opinions. Viewers claim Song Hye Kyo is always sticking to the same safe on-screen image and acting style of a pretty, well-dressed, good-hearted female lead. This criticism intensified when she starred in the 2021 melodrama Now, We Are Breaking Up alongside Jang Ki Yong. The drama recorded declining ratings due to its bland storyline and unimpressive acting. The two leads were also said to have no chemistry due to an 11-year age difference. Now, We Are Breaking Up is labeled one of the most forgettable dramas in Song Hye Kyo’s career. 

Now We Are Breaking Up

 2. Son Ye Jin – Something In The Rain

Before achieving great success with Crash Landing On You, Son Ye Jin had an underwhelming drama comeback in Something In The Rain. Although her noona romance with Jung Hae In generated much buzz on social media, in terms of viewership ratings, the drama fell short of expectations. Aside from the sizzling chemistry between Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae In that drew much praise, Something In The Rain received negative reviews for its boring and draggy plot, especially towards the end.

3. Park Min Young – Forecasting Love and Weather 

“Rom-com queen” Park Min Young’s latest drama Forecasting Love and Weather sadly failed to leave a lasting impact. Similar to Song Hye Kyo, Park Min Young came under debate over her monotonous acting and unchanging image of an office worker. The story of Forecasting Love and Weather was also said to be not fun and engaging enough. The chemistry between Park Min Young and younger male co-star Song Kang did not click for many viewers. 

Forecasting Love and Weather


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