Fans made a donation of 10 million won as a special birthday gift for actor Kim Seon-ho

Kim Seon-ho’s fans voluntarily made donations to celebrate the actor’s birthday.

On the celebration of Kim Seon-ho’s birthday on May 8th, fans of the actor donated 10 million won to the Seoul’s Community Chest of Korea (Chairman Yoon Young-seok) and joined the 24th Giving Leaders Club.

Kim Seon-ho’s Naver fancafe “Seonhosaenggak”, which has about 2,000 fans, carried out a vote to collect members’ opinions on birthday gifts for Kim Seon-ho. Eventually, they decided to make a donation. Donations delivered through Seoul’s Community Chest of Korea will be used to cover medical costs and support rehabilitation treatment expenses for vulnerable children.

Kim Seon-ho

The manager of Kim Seon-ho’s fancafe expressed their feelings about this meaningful work, saying, “As a fan, I always wanted to practice good deeds and sharing with Kim Seon-ho, and I’m so grateful that fancafe members joined me in this project”, adding, “Joining the Giving Leaders Club, we will continue to support Kim Seon-ho and be with the Community Chest of Korea through continuous donations in the future”.

Kang Sung-hoon, head of Community Chest of Korea‘s fundraising project team, shared, “We want to thank the members of Seonhosaenggak for spearing the beauty of fandom culture by practicing sharing”, adding, “We will do our best to deliver your warm hearts to underprivileged children”.

kim seon ho

Giving Leaders Club refers to a group of individual donors who lead the “sharing” culture in the community through sharing practice. Anyone can join the club if they donate or make an agreement to donate more than 10 million won within three years.

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